Cross-sector experience

Reschigna Notary Office offers experienced notary advice in a wide range of activities.

  • The professionals of the Reschigna Office advise and assist in drafting preliminary and final sales agreements for every types of premises and estates (apartments, villas, land).
    The presence of the notary ensures that the content of the legal deed is understood and accepted by the parties, excluding any pending gravamen (voluntary liens, easements, obligations) or detrimental issues (legal liens, tax collector liens, repossessions and injunctions) of the property.
    Another task of the notary is to ensure that all necessary urban, building and cadastral permissions of the property in question have been obtained, in line with the local regulations.

    Reschigna Office specializes in the assistance and management of:

    • Divisions and Barters
    • Land mortgages
    • Property portioning and sale of single real estate units
    • Urban planning restrictions and conventions 
    • Transfers of cubic footage
  • Reschigna Notary Office offers professional advice and assistance to companies and corporations in many areas of corporate management: 

    • Assignments and company rentals, transfer of shareholdings, shares endorsement, signings and fiduciary re-certifications, constitutions of limited companies and partnerships, amendments to the company agreements and bylaws, increases and reductions of capital, bond and financial instruments issuing 
    • Extraordinary operations: transformations, mergers (including cross-border ones), divisions, merger leveraged buyouts, transfer of registered office (including abroad), winding ups and liquidations. 
    • Proxies, deliberations of the Board of Directors, filing of financial statements, mandatory accounting books, deposits in the Register of Companies in general. Operations in relation to banks and financial intermediaries, consortia, real estate funds, innovative start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Loans / Guarantees / Escrow Agent


    Reschigna offers its professionalism in consulting and assistance regarding:

    • Fundings to companies and individuals, 
    • Furnishing of collateral securities of any kind, 
    • Voluntary assignments and factoring,
    • Insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring, 
    • Activities of Escrow Agent as depositary of amounts and values.

    The escrow contract, from the old French "escroue" (scroll) is one of the most successful implementations of legal principles of the Anglo-Saxon common law system. 

    The escrow contract consists of a legal agreement between two parties involved in an economic transaction for the delivery of an asset to a neutral third party.

    Being the Notary a public officer, acting above the parts by definition, he is the perfect guarantor of an escrow agreement.

  • We offer advice and support to solve any kind of dispute. An impartial and authoritative point of view.

  • Trust / Trust Stores


    Advice and assistance in solving family and business problems, trust deeds, allocation acts.

    The Reschigna Notary Office is experienced in Trust law consulting and in the redaction of acts constituting and modifying trust assignments, which are complex legal institutes that require great preparation to be constituted.

    Through the legal institution of the trust, a settlor transfers the ownership of some goods to another subject (called trustee). The trustee assumes the rights and the powers of a legal owner in order to administer the assets for a purpose that the settlor has previously established, provided it is lawful and not contrary to the Civil Code.

    Italy, at the beginning of the 1990s, was the first country of Roman Law tradition to ratify the "Hague Convention on Mutual Recognition and the Regulating Law of Trusts" in its legal system. 

    Today more and more individuals use this legal institution of Anglo-Saxon origin to solve issues in the commercial, financial and family fields, if Italian law does not offer satisfactory solutions.

  • We provide advice and assistance in matters of succession, testamentary and family law, in particular:

    • Donations, wills, tax profiles,
    • Inheritance declarations,
    • Acceptance and surrender of inheritances and legacies,
    • Inheritance divisions and family pacts, 
    • Pre-marital conventions 
    • Living will (DAT).

    The law on living will, in force since January 31, 2018, sets out the principle according to which no health treatment can be initiated or continued without the free and informed consent of the interested party (except in some cases, required by law).

    With the introduction of the so-called "pre-emptive treatment arrangement" (DAT), people obtained the right to provide the indication and preference of their future health treatments, to be received or refused in case of disability and/or mental illness.

    For instance, diagnostic tests and individual health treatments (such as nutrition and artificial hydration) are included in the DAT arrangement.

  • Ships and aircraft


    Advice and assistance for the purchase and sale of boats, ships and aircraft and related notary guarantees, including:

    • Sales, lease, takeovers, redemption of boats and ships 
    • Proposal for the purchase of a vessel to a yacht broker and sum deposit
    • Naval mortgages and cancellations
  • Non-profit


    Consultancy and assistance in the field of recognized and unrecognized associations, foundations, Third Sector and non-profit regulations in general.

    Legislative Decree 117/2017 for the reform of the Third Sector introduced several important changes in terms of exemptions, economic benefits and obligations for entities operating in the so-called Third Sector, such as non-profit organizations in general - for example APS and OPV.


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